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Tonight’s final debate just wrapped up and I must say I am highly disappointed. Obama had a steely glare going tonight that was rather overly intense. He made some jabs 1) saying Romney wants to bring social policies of the 1950’s back: a not-so-concealed attack on his Mormon faith and he 2) tried to school Romney on our military and carriers and submarines as if he was some kind of idiot. The carrier commentary was just plain un-presidential and un-professional. It smelled of the kind of attack a community organizer would make if he were running for an Alderman’s seat, NOT the Presidency of the United States. He failed to show any respect for his competitor and it will come back to haunt him on election day.

Let’s talk about foreign policy and strategies. In particular, Obama ran as a candidate of peace in 2008. He talked about bringing the world community together to solve the greater challenges that face the world. He sold himself as the man to unite disparate cultures. Let’s look at his actions over these last four years. He has distanced the US from Israel. He turned against the leader of Egypt and that nation fell into chaos and is now being run by Islamo-fascists. Tunisia, Libya, and Syria all are in disarray. Iran is on the verge of being nuclear capable. And China is sabre rattling for islands claimed by Japan while North Korea continues to export missile technology to Iran. Failure after failure after failure.

Let’s look at our home front: gasoline is $4.05/gallon compared to $1.89 when he took office, the price of bread, milk, and measures of currency strength such as gold and silver all point to a falling purchasing power for everyone. Your earnings have been pinched by at least 20% by the devaluation of the dollar. Obama’s policies are dismantling our manufacturing, distribution, and agricultural system. Employers are reluctant to hire out of fear of the implications of Obamacare.

He sold us on Hope and on Change. He painted a picture we all wanted to believe in. But he did not deliver. He had 4 years to prove himself, as unqualified as he was, he failed. We cannot continue on a failed pathway, we must choose a different course, on a different vessel, helmed by a leader with vision, experience, and accomplishments that are measurable. In tough times such as these, we have a narrow window to correct our course before the ship runs aground. The Community Organizer as President is a failed model. It is time for real change. Despite being out of touch with the common man, I feel Romney is the more qualified.  Thus, I endorse Mitt Romney for President.

Before I close, I have to add a personal note.  As a veteran, I salute all of you who have lost a loved one in service to this nation. I sincerely hope that one day we, as a nation, have the courage to deserve the sacrifice they have made for the freedoms we allow this government to steal every day. I pray that we have the courage of our forefathers to preserve, protect and defend that which was entrusted to us for the benefit of future generations of Americans. I fear that if we don’t, we will not only dishonor the memory and the sacrifices of those fallen heroes, we also dishonor ourselves. May God have mercy on our nation.


Naomi Wolfe’s list with things to consider:
1) Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy
Al Qaeda, Osama, Terrorists, Cartels, Patriot militias…Check

2) Create a Gulag
Rendition, NDAA…Check

3) Develop a thug caste
SWAT teams, TSA, DHS, Militarized Police Forces


4) Set up an internal surveillance system
CISPA, NSA site in UTAH, DHS drones


5) Control the press
ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NY Times – we haven’t seen an independent press corps in 40 years…Check

6) Harass citizen’s groups
Anyone remember what they did to Tea Party protests?…Check

7) Engage in arbitrary detention and release
Hutaree members arrested and released…check

8) Suspend the rule of law

9) Dissent equals treason

10) Target key individuals

We’re on the cusp of a dictatorship.

Why? They fear him because they know his message is populist, it speaks to the independents, and it sells the truth not the same lies of the last 12 years. The latest polls show that it’s working, establishment republicans are running behind Ron Paul. The old Texas Doc has them all eating his dust. He is running on the perfect path to the White House – less government, end the fed and bankster domination, and a return to constitutional freedoms.  Meanwhile, Romney, Santorum, and the Newt are trotting in the swamps of big government and more wars for our kids. When you go out to caucus, don’t worry what you hear on ABC, NBC, and CBS or CNN for that matter. Ron Paul can beat them and he can beat Obama. Our nation’s future depends on it.

Here’s 12 reasons why 2012 will be worse than 2011:

  1. It’s an election year.  Politicians blow, that’s there job.
  2. The economy still stinks and it’s NOT getting better.
  3. People are getting even poorer.
  4. People are getting desperate.
  5. Prices are rising even higher.
  6. Taxes are rising ever higher.
  7. The media blatantly lies more than ever.
  8. Government thinks it is the answer or has an answer to the nations ills.
  9. We are still in foreign wars.
  10. Fuel prices are still very high.
  11. Obama is still the President.
  12. Obama may well get re-elected.

It appears that the Congress did not get the message last year. The tea bags that were mailed made no impression. This government has stepped beyond all sense of accountability to the people. It is time for a bold action.

I urge you to mail a spent (used), non-live bullet shell casing to your Critter in DC. Write a message on it. It is your first amendment right to free speech. Tell DC that our country is out of ammo, they have used it all up, and you have had enough.

Just Buy Silver!

If you haven’t already done so, buy silver.  Even at the present prices of $37/oz, buy silver.  The paper you hold in your wallet or purse is worthless.  It is being scorned by the entire world.  Use it wisely by buying silver.  You would do yourself, your family, and your country a service.  Burn the Fed down by buying silver.  It’s simple.  Every time you get paid, go down to the local coin shop and buy silver.

Only slaves keep worthless promises.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the dollar is spinning the toilet. Silver has been on a tear over the last six months on route to $40 /oz. Who in their right mind would own US fiat right now?!

Essential Protesting Headgear

What does the savvy protester while engaging police and military vehicles with stones?  Why bread taped to your head of course!

Fuck Obama!

The generation of the sixties protested the war in Vietnam.  Now they sit idly by listening to this Kenyan usurper lecture us on how he has answers to our problems and it’s all going to come from government.  Where are the d@mn pitchforks and torches when you need them?!