Naomi Wolfe’s list with things to consider:
1) Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy
Al Qaeda, Osama, Terrorists, Cartels, Patriot militias…Check

2) Create a Gulag
Rendition, NDAA…Check

3) Develop a thug caste
SWAT teams, TSA, DHS, Militarized Police Forces


4) Set up an internal surveillance system
CISPA, NSA site in UTAH, DHS drones


5) Control the press
ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NY Times – we haven’t seen an independent press corps in 40 years…Check

6) Harass citizen’s groups
Anyone remember what they did to Tea Party protests?…Check

7) Engage in arbitrary detention and release
Hutaree members arrested and released…check

8) Suspend the rule of law

9) Dissent equals treason

10) Target key individuals

We’re on the cusp of a dictatorship.