Category: Horrible

It’s easy to see what’s really going on.  Governments are doing their level best to steal from the middle class.  Banksters are doing their level best to steal from the government and the middle class.  The unions are doing their level best to steal from the middle class.  It’s all out open season on the middle class!  Not that it matters anymore.  The middle class is effectively dead in this country.  The thieving bastards in Congress, the banks, and the union halls will just have to fight each other over the scraps.  As I look around my neighborhood, I count 12 houses for sale.  Six families unemployed.  One lady has had no income, zero income, in over a year.  I honestly don’t know how she has been making it.  My suspicion is, she hasn’t made her house payment in at least a year and has probably been using credit cards paying the minimum the entire time.  Obama said in spring this was going to be the ‘recovery summer.’  What an utter moron!  Obama is truly a dipshit.


War in Mexico

In 2009, there were over 2,600 people killed in Ciudad Juarez (across from El Paso, TX).  This year, 2010, there are already 600 murders…to-date that’s 3,200+ people in less than a year and a half.  For comparison, the US has been at war in Iraq for seven years and suffered the tragic death of 4,287 service members in combat.  There is a war going on in Mexico.  But you wouldn’t know that by listening to our press.

Earlier, I condemned the crew of firing on an unarmed photojournalist.  These “journalists” were among a band of armed insurgents.  I apologize for the rush to condemn.  Upon very close inspection of the actual footage, an RPG and AK can be seen.  It’s unfortunate those trying to render aid to the wounded, having their children in the car, didn’t understand they’d potentially be targeted for their Samaritan acts.