Don't Be Fooled

I have seen the future, and it’s ugly.  The liberal media now stands ready to label anyone dissenting with the status quo of our ‘political’ system a ‘terrorist.’   Then that’s a label I may have to get used to and become proud of.  I have come to the unsettling position, there is nothing I can do at the ballot box, there is nothing I can do from this my soap box.  There are few boxes remaining from which to peacefully seek to have the federal monster STOP SPENDING MONEY.  Neither party represents the average American.  They both serve globalist masters intent on fucking the average citizen and throwing them out wet into the cold.  With masters like them, who needs foreign enemies.  We have our own enemies of state here, and they run the show!  The silver-spoon bastards in office stand in their ivory towers and preach to a populace whose values they disdain and whose pockets they only know how to pick.  I’m fed up with them.