I just returned from an international trip and decided to check the news to see, hear, or read the progress to stop the BP Gulf Spill from poisoning the waters, killing plankton, algae and ultimately destroying portions of the food chain.  But sadly, producers and controllers of networks and editors of our fifth estate have decided the spill is old news.  70+ days AFTER the spill began, no progress has been made to contain the harm.  70+ days AFTER we have no images, no photos, no live feed of the 150+ square miles of spill now greater than the size of the state of Missouri!  News crews are prevented by our Coast Guard (a division of Homeland Security) from flying over and reporting on the clean-up!  I have just one question.


There was more in depth coverage of Michael Jackson’s passing and funeral than there is this catastrophe.  Go ahead and continue to sit on your ass, eating hot dogs, taking Prozac and watching tv, there’s nothing going on.