I just grew plain tired of the old bag.  She was more than scarred by time.  She was a little worn around the edges.  Granted, I’ve grown fond of the old girl through the years.  She’s fun to play with but watch out ’cause she has more than a little fight in her.  But you know what she sure knows how to please a man.  In fact, I recommend everyone try one out some time.  That’s why it was time for a face-lift.  No, sailor I’m not talking about Ms. Lee.  I’m talking about the Chicom Norinco SKS.

Today I received, installed, and test-fired the old gal in her new outfit.  To give her a new look and feel, I bought the Center Balanced Rifle Platform System.  The stock is a bullpup design.  The overall length is 30 inches from head to butt fully installed.  The engineering and craftsmanship more than exceeded my expectations.  The bullpup design allows a user to maintain a compact shooting profile in close quarters while permitting the standard barrel length so as not to sacrifice accuracy at longer ranges.

Here’s a picture to brag on her.  Her eyes are outfitted with an NCStar 3-9x scope with mil dot reticles.  The particular stock I purchased was the Tac model for the Norinco SKS.  The stock was a value at $292 including shipping (east of the Miss, slightly less if you live in God’s country).  I know, some of you are going to say “You paid more for that stock than the gun costs.”  Yes I did.  But I don’t care.  I’m a gun nut.  That’s just what we do.