Our founders’ solution to deficit spending by the federal government was brilliant.  If Congress’ levied imposts and excise taxes were insufficient to cover expenditure, Congress would tally the remaining deficit and according to the rule of apportionment (Article 1, Section 2, Clause 3 of the US Constitution) divide the debt among the states according to their share based upon population.  The congressional delegation would return to their respective state legislatures and governors with their states bill.  IF the congressmen had spent a state’s resources like 16 year-old girls on a shopping spree with daddy’s credit card, you could count on them being called to the mat.  Nowadays, congress doesn’t know how NOT to spend.  Unleashing a VAT on this country would be like shooting a patient in the head with a .45 to reduce the swelling in their arm.  Here’s a sensible solution to Congress’ money problems: