The lust of gain–a lust which does not stop short of the penitentiary or the hallowed halls of Congress, may yet be the end of our Constitution.  But we may be sure of one thing, and that is that this sort of thing is not universal.  If it were, this country would not have survived thus far.   Surely of a group numbering fifty men, forty-nine are clean.   Then why is it, one may ask, that the forty-nine don’t set things straight?   Could it be they are actually too busy minding their own business, working a decent and honest job?   Much has been touted recently about what is to be accomplished by organizing, for example, tea party protests, tax revolts, etc.  Yet, it’s because the fiftieth fellow and his dirty pals are organized and the other forty-nine are inclined to honest gain that the dirty one rubs his filth upon the clean man every time.   Things have descended to the point now that both political parties are fully corrupt.   All that remains is for the two festering, diseased zombies to destroy one another so that honest men once again seek to set right a course wronged.