We all know the charges of Acorn’s voter registration fraud, but is anyone concerned like me that they’ll, under a new name, spread their tentacles to corrupt the census?  One of the purposes of the census is to accurately count the population distribution so that state legislatures can realign congressional districts.  Districts will be taken from regions that lose population and added to regions that have grown.  This may have a profound impact on the makeup of the US House of Representatives.

I noticed during the NCAA tourney that CBS aired many commercials by the census bureau urging people to fill out the census so that they would “get their fair share.”  I am now wondering, are these commercials aired nationally?  Or are they aired in targeted markets so as to possibly manipulate the census outcome?  I would not be shocked.  After all, the Health-care cram down demonstrated to the rest of the nation that this administration would stop at nothing to foist their agenda upon the people, the will of the people be damned.