There are those that appreciate order and those who consider order and structure a form of bondage.  Count me in the latter.  In the earliest part of our history, freedom of the press permitted any Thomas, Benjamin, or Harold the right to free expression.  Somewhere along the line, “professional journalists” appeared.  Initially, their appearance was welcomed as a breath of fresh air publishing news “fit to print.”  In the early 1990‘s however, professional journalists fell asleep at the tit of corporate media.  The era of information in which knowledge was managed by “experts” and “authorities”, as well as representatives of the political, legal, scientific, medical and economic powers-that-be crept into our homes in the guise of news entertainment.   Academics, scientists, spokespersons for the state and the owners, producers and editors of big media now decide what is “real news” and what is “not real news”, what is “truth” and what is “fiction.”  The power to control opinion had slipped from the people’s hands.  But along came the internet.  And what a tangled web was woven.

The web, by virtue of it’s speed, lack of control, facility of use, and pervasiveness has become an immediate threat to those who profit from controlling public information, manipulation of sentiment, and content; dealing a serious blow to “information authorities.”  Despite being a hotbed of hyperbole, speculation, and outright lies, the web has unchained the average citizen from the milk toast and propaganda of the major infotainment mainstream media outlets, allowing individuals to pick and choose what they find as news and newsworthy.  True freedom of the press lies not just in the liberty of writing copy, but the unfettered access to whatever copy one fancies to read.   Some worry that a large section of the population are unable to tell the shit from the shinola.  Who cares?  They are allowed to vote . Why shouldn’t they be allowed to read whatever the hell they want?  Unfiltered and unfettered does not mean unfit.