I had the privilege to listen to one of the most eloquent speeches ever given.  Surprisingly, I did not have to leave the comfort of my computer screen as it was posted on YouTube.  But I wish now that I had been there in person.  The speaker was a boyish 26-year-old Alaskan named Schaeffer Cox.  He painted a wonderfully clear portrait of the storm facing our nation today and a sensible path we can take to guard and protect our liberties amidst the storm and after it.  One of the key quotes that stuck with me was this:  “If you have not reckoned with what might yet come to be, you’ll be crippled by what’s at hand.”  Folks we all know and are aware that freedom and liberty are under fire like no other time in our national history.  I encourage you to watch the videos for yourselves and reckon with what might yet come to be so that you won’t be crippled by the challenges to come.  There are 11 of them, the first is embedded herein.