When the overwhelming will of the people, polled over and over, is against entitlement-ism, it makes one wonder.  Is the time for armed resistance at hand?  When a government no longer listens to the will of the people.  When a government no longer respects private property rights.  When a government no longer serves the people, but is self-serving.  When a government takes power it never had a right to, it practices tyranny.  When a government acts like it knows what is best for its people.  When a government forces legislation, against its own laws, it certainly begs the question.  Is the time for armed resistance at hand?

No tyrannical government has legitimacy.  The Declaration of Independence explained clearly when revolution is justified.  When will an oppressed people find the courage to throw off the yoke of tyranny?   A once great nation has passed away.  How can there be loyalty for what remains?