Well, the grab for power never seems to cease.  If there is any issue that gives evidence to the problems we face by an over-reaching federal government, look no further than ZeroCare.  It remains evident that we are ensnared by a career cast of politicians and regulators who by and large have never worked for a living in the private sector, or they rotate in-and-out of the revolving door with Wall Street / K-Street, and they don’t really have a sense of what ‘Joe Six-Pack’ really has to endure.  The solutions they offer seem like unsolicited marriage advice from someone who’s single!

What we need right now is common sense that can only be provided by new blood in high offices.  The present cast of clowns who regulate or govern us are a very closed society.  And they appear deaf to the wishes of the people.  This is a disturbing trend.  Their offices hang up on constituents that call, they place their phones on forward, or simply don’t answer the line.

Why have our officials systematically shut down communication with the people?  Could it be because they could be wrong about what the American people want?  It’s perplexing considering that this is perhaps the greatest era of communication.  We live in a time where people can communicate across any border, around the globe, at any time of day, in many different ways (see graphic).  Despite such access, they choose to cloister themselves.  If they do decide to communicate, they choose to talk AT us through the TV or on radio.  Have you ever tried to actually contact your representatives in Washington?  It’s a joke.  If that isn’t evidence of a ruling-class mentality, I don’t know what is.

I find their behavior condescending and as a taxpaying, law-abiding, citizen, I’m deeply concerned.  I find this a poor time to bury the head in the hole particularly in light of the fact that an “Economic Shitstorm” (caused by corrupt banksters, mortgage lenders, and dead-beat borrowers) has engulfed our country.  People who did the right thing are losing their jobs, their companies are failing, and they are losing their homes because criminals placed bets they couldn’t cover and Congress felt compelled to rape the taxpayer to backstop their buddies.  Guess what happens when the rule of law no longer applies equally to all.