Folks, it’s time to face the music.  The United States of America is in a full blown economic depression.  All the government deficit spending measures in the world cannot reflate the collapse caused by the popped real estate hyper-inflationary bubble.  It is time to let failing businesses fail.  It is time to close zombie banks.  More importantly, it is time to cage corrupt politicians and banksters responsible for failing in their fiduciary responsibilities.  If we the people do not begin seeing indictments handed out, anger will ensue.  One has a perfect example in Austin, Texas of the anger brewing.  It is simmering and very clearly visible in the polls on President Zero’s failing popularity.

What should you do:

Prepare your family for a complete social collapse.  Buy guns and plenty of ammo to defend yourself and your family.  Buy food and means to purify drinking water.  Pray.

What should law enforcement do:

District attorney’s should begin grand jury probes of banks and mortgage company executives for violations of public trust, fiduciary responsibility, or even RICO violations.  The people need to see guilty participants indicted or else all rule of law will go out the door.   You have been warned because I don’t want to have to say I told you so later.