Can you smell it?  Today a disgruntled taxpayer felt his only recourse was to use violence.  Others have warned that our country teeters on the edge of civil unrest.  Their warnings appear to have gone unheeded or were dismissed as lunacy.  They will listen now.

Already on CNN’s website people are agreeing with the sentiments posted by the taxpayer.  Let’s revisit a few things that have happened over the last two years.  The people called DC 300:1 against the bailout…Congress went forward anyways (ballot box failed).  The people called against the stimulus…Congress and Obama do it anyways.  GM fails…government bails, taxpayer stiffed again.  Geithner, a tax dodger, gets to preside over the very agency designed to collect taxes?!  Congress goes on recess to face a firestorm of angry citizens against socialist health care at their town hall meetings and rudely dismiss them as Tea-baggers.  Is anybody really surprised by this man’s actions?

Many people are now cognizant  to the fact that their government no longer is serving their best interests but rather those of the special interests.  When the people hit the CTL-ALT-DEL button, it is not a soft reboot.  They tend to use a very heavy crude hammer on the keyboard.