Do you feel like no one is listening?  Do you feel drowned out by all the special interests?  Or maybe you feel like nobody is paying any attention to issues of concern to you.  You’re right.  Nobody is listening.  The only voices being listened to today are those of lobbyists.  They write the legislation and it is rubber stamped by the bloodsuckers YOU voted for.  It’s time for that to change.  It’s time to be heard!

Last year voters sent strong messages to incumbents in New Jersey and Virginia and it’s time ALL incumbents feel the heat.  Right now, they are busy raising funds for the mid-term elections this November.  They are planning town hall meetings, fundraising dinners, and local speeches.  Plan on attending.  Put together a list of blunt questions.  Pose questions that require a yes or no answer.  And don’t let them dodge it.  Remember they work for YOU.  They want and need YOUR vote.  Be heard by your representatives.

Opinions are shaped by many forces.  A strong force for shaping opinions is the media.  Very few average people are given the opportunity to express their views on television.  TV is the strongest opinion shaping media and it is heavily controlled.  If you ever have the opportunity to express your views on camera, be short and to the point.  Reporters enjoy cogent sound bites.  TV is a powerful means to be heard.

It is important to write or call the media when you see unfair, biased, or inaccurate coverage.  Communicating with journalists who have an agenda can be challenging but worthwhile.  Use facts, not rhetoric.  Document any patterns of bias or inaccuracy and share it with their management.  Don’t attack the journalist personally.  However, do let them know when they have used rhetoric and lack facts.  Setting the record straight can be a fulfilling way to be heard.