It appears to me the real purpose of the IPCC was to establish a scientific basis for controlling oil consumption, by falsification of facts if necessary.  The contrivance of a scientific problem would be touted by the propaganda machines of our liberal media which would be used to whip up political support for governments to pass treaties controlling emissions which, in effect, controls consumption.  The revelation of said falsification basically nuked the Copenhagen meeting which was to be the coronation of Obama’s enviro-socialist presidency.  Too bad for him.  We all now know the whole scheme was to serve as the basis for a Cap & Trade ponzi-securities and tax scheme.  Cap & Trade was going to be the magic elixir to pull the world out of the Bank-created Depression.  Now that the world is still deep in recession, the scandel exposed, governments are still desperate for additional revenue streams.  Despite the truth, they appear hell-bent on continuing down their current path despite all evidence to the contrary that Global Warming is a man-made myth.  Next stop an attempt to steal our IRA and 401K accounts or implement an unConstitutional Value-added Tax (VAT).