With our country reeling in the greatest economic downturn “since the Great Depression” it seemed appropriate to question the logic of nationalizing our health care system.  What possible benefit could come from removing the stimuli (profit) for new product development, medical advancement in technology, and cap salaries for some of the best and brightest in our society – nurses and doctors alike?  Our hospitals and government have always provided a baseline of care for the poor, surely todays occupants in DC are no more generous than generations of Representatives and Senators to stink the halls of Congress?  I thus conclude there must be something else behind the move to nationalize health care in the USA.

The health insurance industry thrives on a pooled bet that you’ll be healthier than you think you’ll be over the next year and you’ll pay more if your risk factors suggest you’ll win the bet.  Indeed, much more money comes in than is paid out.  But that’s the beauty of free market capitalism!  If you have a good business model and it works and you profit, you win!  Think about the industry…it brings in money, produces a piece of paper that tells the client they are covered (to certain extents and limitations) and pays out according to defined limitations.  The industry is comprised of statisticians, salesmen, accountants, economists, and bureaucrats.  The only capital equipment needed are computers, office buildings, and chairs!  Just how much cash are we talking about anyways?  I don’t have the exact figures, a Google(TM) search showed somewhere between $1.4Trillion and $3.2Trillion dollars spent in the US health care industry.  Most of that is likely paid for by insurance in some fashion.  That’s a lot of cash!

Now put on the shoes of the federal government.  They are, for all intents and purposes, broke.  They compulsively spend more than they bring in.  They spend to buy votes and parlay favor with their friends and special interests.  In the end, We The People have to foot the bill.  They know that if they raise taxes, we’d tar and feather the lot.  So what options are they left with?  When a body is dying, it shuts off blood supply to non-essential limbs to preserve the core.  The government views the health insurance industry as a non-essential limb, it needs the cash flow to remain current on debt obligations, and does not care about the constitutionality of its actions.  When they have bled that industry dry, they will serve up another.  The only thing that can stop their takings are force.