James Carville doesn’t seem to like the common man these days.  We wake up everyday at the sound of an alarm clock, shower, shave, dress and choke down a cup of coffee before heading off to carry the weight of the national debt on our shoulders.  We’re the guys and gals that work hard at jobs that support teachers, politicians, soldiers, police, town clerks, judges, and layer upon layer of bureaucracy and all the retirements they so lavishly enjoy. We make stuff, move stuff, and sell stuff only to get stiffed and stuffed by the same teachers, politicians, police, judges, and layer upon layer of bureaucracy.  When we have finally tired of being smacked in the ass by the task masters whip and decided to unite and voice our discomfort with the manner and methods of the socialist dictatorship now forming, Carville has the audacity to disparage the “Tea Party Wing Nuts.”  I have news for you Jimmy, it’s a badge of honor.  When you see us march by you better stand at attention and salute because THAT’S the United States of America at it’s finest walking by you son of a b%$#@.