I just came back from work.  Hugged my family and enjoyed some dinner.  Afterwards, I sat down to listen to the news.  The news showed a clip of Obama claiming to have implemented measures to help small business “do what they do best, create jobs.”  Well, I happen to be an executive of a small business and I have to call bullshit to his claim.  This administration has done nothing to help small businesses create jobs.  They have bailed out Wall Street, they have aided and abetted the theft of taxpayers through gimmicks designed to allow banks to hide loan losses, and they have bailed out the failed car giants.  They are not helping our soldiers win the wars abroad.  They are now attempting the greatest power grab in history by nationalizing health care.  Pray tell me, what has Obama done to help small businesses create jobs in America?  The silence is deafening.

Obama is a lying sack of shit!