Article 1, section 1 of the U.S. Constitution enumerates very specific powers to the legislative branch, none of which includes the authority to establish a national health care system. The tenth amendment further states that powers not vested in the federal government are reserved to the states and to the people. Universal health care in the US is unconstitutional.

The current bill authorizes the establishment of a quota system to increase the participation of underrepresented minorities in the health care professions. Such quota systems will educate to the lowest common denominator as opposed to challenging the best and the brightest candidates regardless of background. The impact will be felt throughout medical research, medical education, and medical practice. A quota system will ultimately lead to a lower quality of health care as lower qualified candidates permeate the talent pool.

No government plan has ever saved the taxpayer money or reduced cost to taxpayers. In fact, the opposite has always been true. Tax burdens for every social program has been on the rise since FDR invented modern American socialism. A further purpose of national health care is to take more money from the taxpayer and continue growing our dependency upon the federal government.

An even further purpose of national health care is the regulation of people’s lives. This regulation will not take the form of criminal sanctions but rather denial of access to scarce health system resources to mold behaviors the government wants to control. Those who smoke, drink too much, or become involved in accidents while not wearing seat belts will be denied medical coverage for their treatment. The only exceptions to this will be drug abusers and obesity. The reality is that politicians realize that many of their constituents are obese or abuse drugs.

The real purpose of socialized medicine is to control people and their money. If we were really concerned simply about health, people would be allowed to opt out of the government system and take care of their own health care needs. And the legislators would have the exact same system of coverage. Universal health care will really mean a system for the elite and a system for everyone else.

Care will be rationed to the elderly masses while the elderly elite will receive immediate, elaborate procedural care. Just like our justice system – where you receive as much justice as you can afford – government health care will provide most for those who can afford it. At least right now, middle class Americans receive excellent health care as part of their employment plans. Government health care will provide end of life counseling to the rest of us while reserving lifesaving procedures for only the elite.

The government has a long history of inefficiency. When was the last time you saw a government employee in a hurry to do their job? Have you had to renew your driver’s license? License plates? File for social security, medicare, or medicaid? What about unemployment insurance? There is no such thing as an efficient government program. The waste and cost of this bureaucracy will be mind numbing and once saddled with it, it will never go away. Besides, why should I be forced to subsidize someone’s abortion?

As a result of all the reasons stated above, people who could be rescued with today’s system will die under universal health care or our money will pay for the death of an unborn child. The rush to push this upon our nation and to squelch debate demonstrates the evil intentions of those drooling to use the present economic crisis to add blood to the wealth they have plundered. God help save America from the greed and blood lust of the wicked.