We’ve all seen the passionate display of frustration spent by ordinary Americans in town hall meetings with their elected representatives. It’s clear that honest people want to meet their officials, voice their concerns and question the rationale of rushed spending and nationalization of industries. These people, like me, have found our emails and letters go unread. We call and get recordings. Nobody in DC seems to be listening!

On top of that, our concerns are being demonized by Pelosi and the propagandists of the corporate media as being Republican machinations. Bullshit! Recently, an SEIU member attacked a town hall attendee who was voicing his concern over the growing socialist power grab in DC. This has slipped from debate to confrontation. Obama recently told his supporters to “punch harder.” I guess some have taken that request to heart. Here’s their fear: ordinary people are finally awakening to the fact that DC has gone overboard in it’s reach and aims to take over the entire economy! They have seen their 401K accounts halved. They or a friend or relative are unemployed. They see the dollar not going far in the grocery store. The winter will soon come, the mortgage is past due, and there is NO HOPE, JUST POCKET CHANGE. The federal government is seeking to reach farther into our lives than ever before…they are reaching into the lives of our children’s future. When is enough, enough? Where do you draw the line at their stealing from your paycheck. Where do you draw the line from them stealing from your children’s future? Where do you take a stand?