The millions of Americans who’ve recently lost their jobs and the remnant facing higher taxes can tell you something is dead wrong in America. On top of that, many see Congress doling out taxpayer money to rescue banks, globalist industrial, and insurance companies. Meanwhile these rescued companies (General Electric, General Motors, AIG, Citigroup, JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs) continue to send jobs to Mexico and Asia or fleece taxpayers via bailouts. These kleptocrats only understand the power of force.

When we consider the remaining conveyances for redress, our options narrow down to a precious few that are non-violent. Violent force at this point plays into their hands since the ruling kleptocrats control the military, police, and litigation force. The days of the citizen-warrior struggling against tyranny are not yet ripe. Writing to Congress has proven a futile gesture. Trying to launch a new populist party, even with a wealthy patriotic supporter (Ross Perot) proved fruitless. Yet, the American middle-class has almost totally overlooked the atom bomb equivalent force of redress remaining – their purchasing power. And the sensible deployment of that power is via boycott.

Keep it Simple Strategy

1) Educate your friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family about the impact they will feel as a result of recent stimuli, bailouts, and wealth-grabs. Describe to them your efforts to get Congress to hear your complaints. Then suggest they join you in an effort to force them to listen.
2) If you absolutely don’t need it, don’t buy it, if you do – don’t buy new!
3) If you must buy new, support those U.S. companies that do not engage in outsourcing, bailouts, stimuli, or lobbying.
4) Think local, your area small businesses probably don’t lobby for favors and tariffs to reduce import and duty on junk from overseas.