The gaggle of elected morons rushed to approve the Patriot Act, rushed to give war powers for invading Iraq based upon falsified intelligence, rushed to throw our hard earned money into the fire of bad credit obligations, fire the CEO of GM, force bondholders to be subordinate to unions despite decades of case law on property rights, and are now considering a rush to spend trillions on universal healthcare?! I think the time has come for a clean sweep of the whole lot.

Bondholders and shareholders of these dead banks should be completely wiped out, they understood the risks they invested in and they should be vanquished. The CDO and CDS scams they played have bitten them and they deserve to die of the venomous poison they concocted. AIG should be wiped out. I honestly don’t care if the collapse takes down the Federal Reserve system. There should be no assumption of their risks by the taxpayer. Period. Start a new central bank. It’s been done before.

It’s time we all question the basic assumptions again. The bailout, the stimulus, the falsified employment data, the takeovers, the takedowns, the shakedowns, all taking shape under whatever guise, have not worked and will NOT work. The schemes will serve the purposes for which they were intended, the rescue of the Federal Reserve System, the rape of the people, and the consolidation of power.

We actually had the chance to cut the chains of bondage from the Fed, get back onto a system of real money (gold standard). But Congress caved to the fear-mongering and lies of Paulson and Bernanke and bailed the thieving wolves out. Sure it would have been hard for a long, long while, but companies fail all the time. Banks are no different. We should never believe their lies, there is no such thing as too big to fail (part of the fear-mongering). The scum suckers have now made tax slaves of us all. We will suffer a period of deflation as they unwind their self-created bubble, then they will turn on the cash printing press and hyperinflation will follow. Get this, even with all our money their plans still might not work and could plunge us into war with creditor nations! Call Congress:

To quote Karl Denninger:

Stop the Looting! Start Prosecuting!