Few people seem to realize that the corporate police state feeds upon We The People.  In the present economic depression, our mutual survival as freemen is thus threatened as never before. It is time for an opposition movement relevant to these times.  Force and violence are not the right way in the moral sense, nor is it practical since we have been so effectively disarmed (or at least inequitably armed).  Gandhi and his successful nonviolent movement based on non-cooperation and civil resistance was one of the greatest achievements of humanity, perhaps the most significant of the 20th century.  The challenge for us today is to develop a similar approach, to coincide with the growing mass discontent of the greater society as it awakens to the left-right lie behind which both parties have conceived to steal our republic, freedom, and the collective bounty they have produced.

In seeking profit and control of We The People, the corporate police state has an array of the latest technologies, processes and systems (TPS).  These TPS are force multipliers they employ to contain and control us. They are not immune to Gandhian non-violent resistance, opposition, and refusal (ROAR) tactics. (See my post on https://once4all.wordpress.com/2009/04/11/no-suppressing-this/). Realizing that the corporate police state employs and manipulates crises as another tool to force We The People into submission, we must find the weaknesses of the TPS’s to counter their efficacy. When they make an attempt to enact laws to enable ever greater profits, and greater authority over We The People, we must act to oppose them.  Every move must be met with equal non-violent opposition.

The corporate police state’s solution to any resistance is to lock people up.  If you’re non-compliant, rest assured they will seek to take your freedom from you. If you dare stand strong against them, the watchdogs of the corporate state may even beat you into submission.  If you oppose the dominant system or are a leader for liberation, there are tried and true measures they will employ against you: slander, libel, prison, beatings, and assassination. Therefore, you need to be aware that opposition has a very heavy cost. If you truly believe in liberty, you must be willing to pay the price.

As the finances of the corporate police state continues to collapse, we will begin to see that they will instigate drafts and other techniques to round up the population into forced labor, the military, or sadly even concentration camps.  That’s the point in time when ROAR tactics are probably too late and only equal force of opposition remains. Unfortunately every dictatorship has militarized police forces composed of individual automatons following orders without questioning them.  These automatons will attempt to ensure the populace is properly shackled for the final trip to serfdom. I pray you have the strength and courage to endure the hardships that are coming.