Zero may be many things, but naive isn’t one of them. He comprehends that his popularity with his own people has been waning in recent months and he knows he needs to do something about it. Enter the issue du jour healthcare. With the help and complicity of ABC News, Zero will outline Chavez-like his ongoing agenda of wealth redistribution through seizing control of healthcare in America. He stripped bondholders of their property rights and gave it to the unions and now he’s out to get the doctors and hospitals. You can rest assured the teleprompter will be on and this will “be in America’s self interest.” Right.

Zero will stop at nothing to win the political favor of all, even lie. He’s for open and transparent administration and yet he seals his Oval Office Secret Service Log of visitors. He opposes the war in Iraq and called for troop reductions and yet commanded over the largest surge in deployed forces since the original invasion. He will also wage a tireless campaign to alienate the United States from Israel to gain favor in the eyes of muslim dictatorships. He wants to be perceived as an advocate for egalitarian reform and a stabilizing presence in the White House. Right.

Zero is a man who oozes charisma when he’s posturing as a champion for the poor and underprivileged. However, nothing in his handling of the economic crisis brought on by the cronies at the Federal Reserve supports such a position. To his discredit, he enjoys the singular distinction of being on live TV more than all previous presidents combined. None will argue that, good or evil, he wants his image and presence Saddam-like everywhere.

Political analysts believe that the pendulum is beginning to swing against him. The power of his magnetism and even his notoriety as political neophyte may not be enough to stem the growing opposition. Many Americans are waking to the fact Zero has not followed through on any promises and has, if anything, continued the politics and economics he inherited. Two faces of the same coin. What more proof do you need?