I was looking outside my office today and saw nothing but clear blue sky as far as I could see. It has been some time since that was possible around these parts. With the approach of summer, many have been lulled to believe that the economy has posted a recovery. “After all,” they say, “the DJIA is up from the lows, the Baltic Dry index appears to have recovered. Gold and silver are off their highs. We’re out of the woods, right?” WRONG. You’re still so far in the woods you couldn’t see your hand if it slapped you in the face. The powers that be have completely brainwashed you through network financial news and cable news. Here’s the truth. Railroad and trucking traffic are still setting lows. If a recovery were in the works, the traffic would be picking up. “It isn’t. What about the strength of the dollar?” When metals go down, the dollar goes up. It’s simple math really. By using derivatives, banks and financial houses can manipulate the dollar by controlling the value of metals on the paper exchanges. You still think you’re seeing a recovery? Don’t believe everything you think. You might be lying to yourself.