We are all well aware that this present government is wasting with a grave sickness. However, like a deluded and senile patient, the government fights the very suggestion that it is even sick at all. To try to remedy itself, it has mixed a decoction of bailouts, stimulus packages, TARPS, TALF’s, etc then instructs us, the general public, to take a wine-glass full of it every fifteen minutes until we die of toxic debt overload. Well that wasn’t enough for the crooked buzzards. Now they feel so empowered they turn to us, the sensible taxpayer, rip off our clothing, bend us over and rape us with more taxes and taxes on taxes. Their latest ‘idea‘ is to institute the Value-Added Tax (VAT) on Americans. Here’s why it’s coming down the pike. It so effectively enslaved Europe.

Simply put, a VAT tax is a devilishly sly way of raising revenues and inevitably leads to bigger government. Europe is the proof. Way back in the ’60s, the burden of government in Europe was nearly that found here in the United States. Tax revenues consumed about 30 percent of gross domestic product in Europe. The U.S. had a small advantage: The tax burden, including state and local governments, was about 27 percent of GDP. But then European governments started adopting the VAT. Denmark in 1967, followed by France and Germany and then most of the rest of Europe began imposing the tax within 5 years of it’s evil concoction.

For politicians, the VAT was a brilliant coup. Besides being a new source of revenue, the VAT was a remarkably easy tax to increase without alerting the consumer since it’s built into the price of products. Even small increases generate piles of revenue because of the breadth of the tax base. The tax has become so easy to raise that VAT rates in Europe now average more than 20 percent. For taxpayers, however, the news has been deplorable. Thanks to VAT, the burden of government in Europe today is much higher than it is in the U.S. On average, taxes consume ~41 percent of Europe’s economic output. In the U.S., by contrast, the total tax burden as a share of GDP is still about where it was 40 years ago ~27 percent…’change you can believe in’ is coming…in the form of higher taxes.

I have a solution. Unfortunately it’s so simple it will likely pass through the brains of congress without even touching a neuron. Here it is: Stop spending. It’s really that simple. If you stop taking my money. I might actually buy something that will keep somebody employed. End of recession, end of Great Depression 2. The truth is plain and simple. Congress doesn’t want to solve the problem. This is ‘a crisis too good to pass up’ and it presents them with the opportunity they have been waiting on to shackle the American public with the chains of socialism now confining Europe.

The zombies now populating the white halls of our government are evil, soul-less beasts with a blood-lust. Like the undead, this government cannot see its own image in the mirror. There is but one remedy for these evil zombies and it is a cruel expedient, a hard splinter in the chest.

The Splinter:
Refuse to comply or pay for their theft.
Oppose all taxes at every level.
Actively contact your friends, awaken them to the cause, and make them aware they’re being robbed.
Resist every measure even to the point of confinement.

If we don’t do something now, nothing can be done later. It’s that simple.