The opposition’s main role is to question the party in power and hold them accountable to the public. We have solid evidence now that the Republican Party represents no alternative and no challenge to the radical policies arising from the Pelosi-Reid-Obama cabal. With impunity they rob our nation. But then again, none of us are surprised by this. Their goal is to eliminate our dollar in favor of a global fiat currency, completely destroy our constitution, and make all of us a tax slave the likes of which only a European would truly understand.

Holding the Government Accountable
The most important job of the minority party is to constantly question the majority. Sotomayor was offered up by Zero as his nominee to the Supreme Court. Has a single republican senator stood up to oppose this openly radical judicial activist? Not as far as I have heard. Instead, the platitude of the day is that Bush the First nominated her so she must be fine.

We see no vigorous debate on legislation. Instead, back-room deals and unread bills are shoved down the throat of American taxpayers. If they didn’t take the time to read or debate it, I’m not going to take the time to obey it.

Become the Opposition
Grass-roots parties just don’t have the same resources to defeat incumbents. Real change, not just a slogan sold by a teleprompter, requires an active and vocal group of people fully opposing, resisting, every encroachment against our civil liberties. Since most of our fellow citizens are either drunk, on drugs, or ignoring the situation by watching sit-coms — satiated by the hand-outs and entitlements to which they have become accustomed, it is our right, it is our solemn duty to stand against the tyranny now solidly in place in Washington, D.C.

Refuse, Oppose, And Resist –ROAR