There are certain basic tactics that extend beyond military warfare. In the political realm and in the business realm, these same techniques are used to engage or defend against attack. For example, one basic infantry movement technique is the ‘fire team rush.’ It is an offensive technique that allows for one or more soldiers to advance while others provide suppressive fire upon a fixed enemy position with the goal of taking or knocking out the fixed position. The political equivalent of the ‘fire team rush’ would be a ‘media blitz spin.’ If a news story breaks that portrays an individual or policy in a bad light, it is attacked by supporters in nearly every form of media to counter the weight of the original story and to either defame, obfuscate, or lie to the audience on the real issue at hand. In the business world an entrenched market leading product is attacked by demonstrating ‘head-to-head’ comparative performance. The techniques most commonly employed by opponents are quite revealing. In the coming weeks, I’d ask you to pay attention to the techniques employed by our national leadership as much, if not more, than the actual messages they send. You will have a far greater appreciation for the battle at hand.