There is nothing really remarkable about the appearance of most stones.  They go unnoticed on the roadside, in river beds, and in the field.  Except for the occasional kick out of boredom on our path, they receive little attention.  The farmer only moves them to widen his field.  After all, they are common and of little, if any, value.


Much the same is true for a length of rope.  It probably has more value than a common stone.  It took some effort to derive the material and properly twist the strands.  Even still, a length of rope doesn’t exactly, of itself, receive or deserve special attention.  The value of rope is derived from the work it enables.  It is one of the simplest of tools.


Put together, the stone and the rope are far more interesting.  A suitably polished stone affixed to a nice length of rope can make an attractive neck ornament.  The stone, if it were of ample size could serve as an anchor affixed by the rope to secure a boat offshore in a light current.  If the rope were configured as a sling, the stone becomes a missile with deadly force capable of toppling the strongest of giants in the right hands.  Combinations of many stones and many ropes cross-woven together provides a casting net capable of catching many fish.  The combinations and permutations are numerous as are the benefits gained therefrom.


A pile of stones heaped together serves as a good barrier at best.  Likewise, an unorganized gaggle of rope becomes a tangled, useless, and frustrating knot.  People on their own are not much unlike stones and rope.  It’s when people are combined they become far more interesting.  A lone worker in the field stumbles but a pair can lift one another up.  The greatest sports teams and companies are comprised of a depth and breadth of skilled players each contributing their best towards a common goal, victory.


Being a part of the family of God is great because there are many ropes and stones contributing their skills, their ideas, and their gifts towards building one another up.  Christ’s family is truly special.  If you are not a part of this family, you are missing out on participating in a living body, working to truly change the world.  Don’t just be a rock on the roadside.  Take the time to consider joining Christ’s team.