Volumes have been written on the growing tyranny of the federal monster, on it’s consort, the Federal Reserve, and on the out of touch gaggle in leadership on both sides of the aisle.  We have witnessed an egregious theft of our national wealth by banksters and complicit politicians.  Men of all ranks have chimed in on these matters, with different motives, and with many designs.  Many have already taken sides and made provision for a transformation of the debate.  Now that the period of debate is about to be closed, we must consider the last recourse.  We must weigh whether God be with us or against us, whether this divine judgement is a time to regain the reins and the path, or suffer the calamity of contesting a decision already sealed.  We must independently decide whether the ship has taken on too much water and is lost, or can still be saved. 


In my opinion, America is an ideal worth fighting for, worth restoring.  Thomas Paine once said of that initial struggle, “The sun never shone on a cause of greater worth.”  If somehow, the struggle to regain a nation lost should transform from argument to arms, we need to understand the consequences and be in agreement upon the objective: restoration of our republic to it’s foundation, the US Constitution and God.  Any other outcome would surely prove a cause ordained by man alone and worthy of suffering divine judgement.


I have heard it asserted that the federal monster is preparing to round up ‘right-wing extremists’ viewed as posing a threat to the security of the nation.  This appears consistent with the stance I read in two independent, recently released documents (MIAC and DHS).  I have heard it asserted also that the ‘Tea Parties’ were conspired by racists, by radicals, and by subversives.  And so it may seem that a campaign of demonization is underway.  I have witnessed in my own life encroachment by the federal monster, step-by-step upon nearly every right acknowledged by the US Constitution.  Yet I say, if these acts be part of a broader plan for the enslavement of freedom-loving Americans, I am not fully convinced.  I simply need more evidence, an accuser from within.  Surely there are God-fearing men with the Spirit to see evil for what it is, possessing the courage to oppose it.


If we are to be set at variance with ourselves, against whom we have neither anger nor complaint, based upon the alleged plan of a ‘global elite’ with an evil agenda, shouldn’t we at least have a smoking gun?  Shouldn’t there be a tape recording?  I ask, have you lost a parent or child by their hands, and yourself remain the sole wretched survivor?  Has your home been set afire by jackbooted thugs?  Are your wife and children destitute of a bed to lie on, or bread to live on?  Has your property been destroyed before your face?  Have your hands, or those of your children, been cleaved from the arms?  Have you seen any of this ill dispensed upon anyone in this country?  Oh, some may cry of Ruby Ridge and of Waco or the manhandling of the pastor in Arizona.  But until every quiet method for peace has been ineffectual, in my opinion, any loud cry to arms is repugnant and premature.