Has the boss called you into the office to discuss the potential staffing downsizing?  If so, you understand the pain of uncertainty many are suffering at this time.  Unsure of what’s coming next, many people are dumbfounded why the stock market is rallying.  Don’t be discouraged.  The market is no longer a barometer of sanity.  In fact, it has become the barometer of insanity.


Witness the run up despite horrific numbers from GE, false profits from Goldmann Sachs, and wretchedly high unemployment numbers.  What could possibly make one a buyer in this climate?  Insanity and greed.  Let me pose a question that demands an answer:  In this economic climate, do you think we’ll see any sort of tax relief?  Don’t bet your life on it.  The present power has too much interest invested in the bureaucracy (their base) to liberate We the People from the chains of tax slavery we now find ourselves bound by.  After all, why should they share the pain?