In honor of the spirit of the new Homeland Security threat assessment on Right-Wing Extremism and Jeff Foxworthy I present:


You Know You’re a Right-Wing Extremist if:


10  Your bible cover no longer zips closed because of all the church bulletins.

9 Your Ron Paul sticker holds your bumper on.
8 You have a Gadsden flag on your house and hanging in your basement.
7 You know how to field strip both an AR and an AK rifle.
6 You’re torn between a NASCAR race and a militia paintball outing.
5 You’ve actually read the US Constitution.
4 You’ve actually read the Bible.
3 You voted in the last election…and couldn’t find the “None of the Above” tab.
2 Stimulus means seeing your spouse in alluring attire.

    and finally

    1)  You thought the Tea Parties didn’t go far enough!