Outside the birds are singing, squirrels are chasing each other, and my neighbors are bringing their patio furniture out of winter storage. Spring has officially arrived here in upstate NY. You southerners have probably already mowed your lawn a few times. We’re still getting our mower out of the storage shed and probably won’t have to mow for another couple of weeks. The only clouds I have seen are those of an impending spring shower, far from being a mushroom cloud.


Some would like you to believe that this shoe or that shoe is the one to drop that will cause the whole apple cart to flip and burst into flames. Poppycock! Our economy is in a death spiral. A death spiral is not characterized by a single, ground-shaking, hair-raising plunge. Most of that has already happened. There will be volatility. There will be big defaults, major bankruptcies, bank closings, and continuing layoffs until the real tipping point is reached. At that point, the smart money will have already fled to a safe port of call. Don’t get me wrong. It’s prudent to be self-sufficient, have beans, bullets, and bullion. I just think we’re beyond a single cataclysmic event being IT.


The only tipping point left will be characterized by protests and fires in major urban areas and cities as the masses of unemployed become disillusioned with the promises made by Zero and Big Brother. The Tea Parties will seem mild. What remains is martial law as we reach the point where the American Dream (Illusion) is finally lost.