Methinks the new prince has warts.  Zero’s ascent to the Oval Office was much ballyhooed.  Many Obamanites swooned that with him in office all the nation’s ills would soon be vanquished.  Pucker up!  The new prince is a frog.  This guy’s only accomplishment of note since being sworn in is having been on live TV more than all the president’s to-date combined.  Tax, Spend, Speech – nothing new there.  Banksters are still robbing the people…Bush did that as well.  Jack-booted thugs are manning checkpoints, beating and tazing Pastors…Bush never did that…but Clinton may be one up on him, he and Janet Reno fried one and his flock in Waco.  I wonder when Zero will begin rounding up those of us who dare spit upon his legitimacy as POTUS?  The news is full of reports of ammunition shortages and people flocking to buy up guns…do you really wonder why?