The Tea Parties highlight the fact that the average American is sick of paying so much of their hard earned wages to support bloated local, state and federal bureaucracies.  Many nearing retirement have seen their hard-earned, life savings evaporate in the dust cloud of the recent credit crisis.  Is it impacting local, state, and federal retirees?  Not on your life.  Meanwhile banks continue to siphon cash from the federal coffers and We the People will be stuck holding the bill.  Has much of this caught the attention of the main stream media?  Not on you life.  In fact, CNN recently sent Susan Roesgen to cover the Tea Party in Chicago.  Did she report the facts?  No, she put forth a biased report and badgered people exercising their right to protest against a Government Gone Wild.


Meanwhile, Zero displays himself again on TV.  This time in Mexico highlighting talks with Mexico to curtail US citizen’s freedom to exercise their second amendment rights.  Like that will ever happen.  News flash to Zero:  Come and Try to Take Them You Lying Liberal Sack of Shiite!  My Guns are None of Your D@mned business!  My forefathers paid for that right with their lives and you have no d@mned say about it.  Test me on it please!