Money is an abstraction of the human mind. This abstraction works because people have the capacity to accord value to symbols. Money, as a symbol, represents the value of goods and services. The accorded value however involves the consent of both the individual user and the recipient, both of whom are part of a broader community of users enabling the money to be effective. Through the ages, currency has taken many forms, far too many to fully describe here. As the present economic downturn takes grip upon our nation and the rest of the world, the strength of our currency and those of other nations are questioned. Already there are calls for a ‘global solution.’ Herein I posit a view into the currency to come,Globals (𝄞), the first all-electronic currency managed jointly by the World Bank and the IMF.

The treble clef is an appropriate symbol for the Global as its birth will be music to the ears of those who control it. The Global will be hailed as setting the foundation of macroeconomic cooperation between the diverse nations of the world. To be meaningful in terms of stable world purchasing power, the Global will initially represent a basket of world output. The Global will thus represent the sum of the GDP of key market economies in the world, namely the USA, China, the Eurozone, the UK, Japan, Brazil, Canada, Russia, India, and OPEC states. Addition of these GDPs, each in a separate currency, is done by converting all GDPs first into US Dollar values in the base year, then translating that value to the Global. From that point on, Globals will flow throughout the world economy and collect into the pockets of the haves and out of the pockets of the have-nots.

Globals will essentially replace Gold and Silver in large international transactions. Being that under a strict (international) gold standard, the quantity of gold worldwide is relatively fixed, and the economies of all participating IMF members as an aggregate usually grow, the Global will fill the perceived need to increase the supply of the basic unit or standard proportionately. Globals will eliminate the logistical and security problems of shipping gold back and forth across borders to settle national accounts because the Global will be the first all electronic currency. It will also be suggested that holders of US dollars converting to Globals would allow preservation of capital that might otherwise vaporize as the Federal Reserve would have to inflate the nation out of the present depression. The benefit of exchanging however will be short-lived as our nation runs a trade deficit with the rest of the world. Eventually, we will be bankrupt.

Since our national leadership understands that shifting to a new currency system will give rise to internal chaos, lost world power, position, and prestige, and lead eventually to bankruptcy, they will not quickly sign on to accept the Global. International pressure will rise and either we submit to it and have a civil war or we will be in another external war. Rest assured the outcomes are being calculated already. Tea Party if you like, but I’d suggest if you truly love your country, your time would be better served reloading and preparing against the illegal martial law to come as they shred the Constitution in plain view and move us towards the Global.