The inveterate liars of the Treasury, Federal Reserve, and Team Zero are evidently endeavoring to palm off upon a noble and chivalrous people another of their vile and brutal falsehoods with regard to the most glorious conception of modern economics, the Bailout.  The idea that endless amounts of taxpayer dollars could stave utter financial ruin originated in their own fulsome brains – or rather in the settlings which they regard as brains.  They had better swallow this lie if they want to save their abandoned reptile carcasses the cowhiding they so richly deserve.


That horses rectum, Geithner, continues to grasp for straws as the bedrock of American capitalism, her financial center, falls headlong into the greatest economic depression ever to beset the shores of this fare land.  We observe that Team Zero continues to campaign, never mind you that he has already ascended the throne, and has yet to promulgate a comprehensive strategy to allay the malady killing the patient.  Where is this President?  He’s talking on TV.  Instead of working with a strong group of advisors, he continues to campaign, even now he has shifted to campaigning on the world stage.


The heaven-born mission of the executive branch is to lead; to confront error; to guide, refine, and elevate the path of public policy and procedure, and make sure good governance, good conduct, and sensible policy enables life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Instead, these black-hearted scoundrels continue to degrade this high office by bowing to foreign kings, disseminating poor policy, falsehood, calumny, vituperation, and poor judgement.  


The people want leadership, they want direction, and they deserve the truth.  Instead, they receive sound bites, platitudes, and business as usual.  All the while, the republic spins in space desperately towards the black hole of bankruptcy.  The small window of opportunity he once had has quickly shut and our collective fate has been sealed by the choices of small men, with smaller ideas, serving the corrupt agenda of an elite few.  Change you can believe in?  Faith placed in an unproven leader is now reaping the fruit sewn.