The struggle and pain we sense and feel at this time is real and palpable.  It burns the stomachs of some, it pulls at the heart of others, it enrages a few, and unfortunately, some know it not.  We, however, are witnesses of an ageless battle.  The very fabric of global control is being re-worked and woven to cloak the shoulders of a new master.  The battle itself pitches and rages using tools and pawns of the Left and of the Right to achieve a final aim.  But know this, the new master is a usurper and will be defeated in the end.  Not by our works, G-d has already won and will come to take possession as Rightful Heir.


The fact that he has already won does not mean we sit idly by.  If we do what we know is right and good, the usurper’s plans can be thwarted and made difficult at every stage.  We have the light of history to show us that evil can only win so long as good men do nothing.  Justice demands we take a stand and draw a line at every attempt to steal, manipulate, kill, suppress, repress, and intimidate.  Mind you this will be a daunting task.  The tentacles of the beast are large, menacing, and their reach is great.  How now shall we achieve such a plan to stymie an overwhelming force.  RESISTANCE.


We have a system in place, the courts specifically, that can serve as an effective tool to thwart the plans of the enemy by seeking JUSTICE.  Until such time as our system of courts has been removed, it must be used.  If the federal government attempts to steal a state’s right.  It is incumbent upon the people within a state to file suit to halt or delay such actions.  We are going to need the pro bono services of talented legal professionals or skilled laymen with the heart and intestinal fortitude to stand and help in the delaying actions.  Every step, every action, every encroachment must-needs be met with a barrier.  Only when the people see that injustice has been aided and abetted even by the courts will they support other actions of resistance to tyranny.


We have pulpits throughout this great land from where men can receive encouragement to stand against tyranny.  There was a time, the Great Awakening, when the pulpits fed not milk toast and frivolity but TRUTH.  A place where the word of G_d Almighty rained like thunder and the souls of men trembled in holy reverence against the One who could send the soul to death, not just the flesh.  The principalities and powers of this present darkness can only harm the flesh.  Yes, they can only impart mere flesh wounds.  Seek truth and be a dispenser of truth ye men of the pulpit.  Count not the numbers who attend but the souls that will be truly saved.  Encourage and let it rain!


Gather together all ye great people throughout this land in open DIALOGUE about current events.  In your churches, in your public meeting houses, invite people to hear how the liberties we take for granted are being taken.  Describe how it will impact the lives of their friends, their families, and the future.  Investigative journalism is dead.  The only reliable sources many people trust these days is their heart.  Seek their heart in love and peace, armed with the truth, presented in kindness.  Many people forget that public access to school auditoriums for the purpose of forums is a right.  Exercise it.


WRITE to your local, county, state, and federal representatives REGULARLY.  Call them and let them know, you know how they voted and you are watching them.  Make it clear to them that actions against the rights of the people will be met at the ballot box.  Let them know as well, you will WRITE to their political sponsors (donors).  Yes indeed that is a matter of public record as well.  Use all these tools to stymie the plans of the enemy.   At times you will feel these actions are useless, inadequate, even endangering.  Do not be faint of heart.  Justice is on your side.


One thing we should always remember is that no one can suppress the heartfelt yearning of all men for freedom and true justice.  Be a part of the line in the sand.