We read daily of the teetering economy, hear of friends and family losing their jobs or homes, and watch as many around us live with their heads stuck in the sand.  These times are confusing to those of us who have seen this coming, who recognized the handwriting on the wall and understood that time to act was indeed short.  We are confused because we are surrounded by so many who just don’t get it.   The vast majority of readers on  the TOL polled earlier today (See the Village Green) agree that we are in a depression, will be in a depression, or will see a complete societal breakdown sometime in the next few years.  That should be a staggering realization.  Since we agree that it’s no longer a question of “If” things are going to be really bad, I thought I might cover scenarios of “When?”


The Day the Dollar Dies

A financial crisis is never unexpected.  The impending demise of the dollar is no exception as that topic has spawned dozens of books over the last 5 years.  Many would argue the dollar is already dead, presently a zombie currency, until a new global reserve currency is engineered to take its place.  Many believe that gold might re-exert itself on the global stage as “true” money.  While I personally hold gold, respect gold, I don’t ascribe to that belief because gold requires an accountability and security that bankers don’t want to have to be strapped with.  Electronic digits are easy to create, store, calculate, trade, and manipulate in comparison to metals and currencies.  The money of the future will be electronic.  Banks and governments have experimented long enough with cashless transactions and accounting long enough to feel comfortable with paperless currencies.  Global trade has also survived long enough with fiat currencies to relegate metals to history. (I know that will draw a lot of flack)  Once the Federal Reserve, the US Treasury, and possibly the G20 decide to abandon the dollar for any other reserve, they will have, in essence, created a new electronic currency.  A basket of currencies is simply a formulaic blend of agreed upon valuations.  Just days ago, we heard Secy Geithner say that he was “quite open” to discussing a new global reserve currency.  When the dollar succumbs to a currency basket or a super sovereign IMF tiered currency system, for all intents and purposes, that will be when the dollar died.


The Day Freedom Dies

Anyone who has been alive for more than 30 years has seen an encroachment on freedoms unlike any other generation to inhabit this nation.  We have suffered “Drinking Age Laws,” “Seatbelt and Helmet Laws,” “Insurance Laws,” “Smoking Laws,” “Assault Weapons Bans,” “Free Speech Zones,” “Patriot Acts,” acts favoring foreign religions, and we have been subjected to armed military checkpoints.  We have witnessed the complete pilfering of our national treasury by banksters, doled out by a complicit federal government.  We have witnessed the complete evisceration of the Bill of Rights.  We have heard Secy Geithner seek the authority to seize “financially imperiled firms,”  also known as privately owned corporations!  Never in the history of this great land have we seen so much “industry-government” partnerships.  In the 1930‘s this was called fascism.  When the government is strong enough to seize corporations, it is strong enough to seize the assets of it’s people.  Thus, when Geithner get’s the authority he wants, we can say that was the day freedom died.


The Day the Individual Died

Over the last fifteen years, business and government “leadership” have espoused the strength of diversity.  They theorize that diversity must be promoted as it somehow is more productive.  Many major corporations have instituted mandatory “diversity training” classes where the corporation’s employees are indoctrinated on the policy of diversity and acceptance.  I will not argue the power of the individual because much of the greatest art comes from the unique talents of individuals.  However there is a fault in the logic of leadership promoting diversity.  The goal of a leader is to motivate a group of people, who of their own essence are unique and thus diverse, towards a common goal.  Diversity of backgrounds and skills has now morphed to diversity of goals and is thus counterproductive.  In addition, somewhere along the way it was no longer good enough to be recognized for your individual diversity, there had to be a diversity of identifiable similarities!  I thus argue there must have been other motivations at work and postulate that the real goal of diversity training has been to push foreign thinking and acceptance of foreign ideals, such as socialism and elitism, onto the people of this once great free land.   When we accepted the diversity of groups as being somehow greater than the diversity of individuals that was the day the spirit of the individual died.


The Day Our Borders Died

Boundaries are important because they mark the limit or edge that defines us as separate from others.  Boundaries create order, establish limits of ownership, and facilitate the preservation of safety.  Maintaining boundaries allows a nation to exercise national sovereignty and serve to foster a group identity.  The lack of boundaries and violations of boundaries gives rise to chaos, dischord, and promotes mistrust.  Globalization is another concept promoted by corporations and the federal government.  The goal of globalization is to drop boundaries and build a new identity of global citizenship.  Globalization has accomplished what the UN could never have done by proclamation: the redistribution of jobs from wealthy nations to third world nations.  


When the Globalists Came…



When the Globalists came for the laborers jobs,

I remained silent;

I was not a laborer.

Then they silenced the call centers,
I remained silent;
I was not a phone bank worker.

Then they came for the software programmers,
I did not speak out;
I was not a software programmer.

Then they came for the engineers,
I did not speak out;
I was not an engineer.

Then they came for the bankers,

I did not speak out;

I was not a banker.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out for me.


When we allowed the Globalists to take our jobs that was the day our borders died.


When Will the End Come?

If you haven’t been paying attention, look around, everything around you is dead.  The bill of rights have been burned and covered by a pile of “reasonable restrictions.”  The dollar can’t even buy a can of Coke! The Social Security trust fund has been pilfered by the same people now taking all of our tax dollars.  While you watched Joe lose his job at the factory helped by a government backed loan to rebuild the same plant in Brazil, India, and China, your boss and his boss were looking into how he could flip your job as well.  The strip malls all have vacancy signs.  Where has your 401K money gone?  For every transaction there is a winner and a loser.  If you have sat by over the last year and watched this collapse, listening to the pundits, and thinking things will get better, you have been greatly mistaken.  The end is here, our currency is a zombie, our national debt is greater than our GDP.  How did you think it would end?  In some kind of massive violent day of protest?  No, it ended with not so much as a whimper.  The question is, what comes next?


The chorus of Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust” playing in this French hotel lobby both mocks and cries from our past a warning of our impending future. Business after business will bite the dust, of this we can be sure. To a point, the continuous cascade of dominoes can be tolerated so long as their pace is kept in check. What will arise is not what you’d like or what you’d have expected: French-style socialism.


The French model of socialism is much like her fair mademoiselles: outwardly beautiful, cool, and reserved. But inside, she is a hot, coiled spring ready to explode at any moment. What does this fair lady look like? There are two types really. The social elite ladies and the rest. The elite drive their posh Mercedes Benz and enjoy the finest wines with luxurious meals, and take fabulous vacations. And the rest that serve the elite, fetching them the fine wines and catering to them at the shops and making appointments to fix their fine cars and scheduling their fabulous vacations. The professional class: doctors, engineers, and accountants enjoy a comfortable life, but do not fully enjoy the fruits of their intellectual labors, the elite prosper from that. In exchange, the professionals don’t worry about job security. Meanwhile, the elite create livable wage labor-class jobs for an orderly society.


Why It Works For Pierre But Could Never Work for Pete


As much as the French love to tout their sophistication and multiculturalism, they are frauds. The french drink french wines, eat french cheese, wear french clothes, and drive french cars. They are the most ethnocentric culture and market in Europe. Yet, they love to point out the ethnocentricity of the rest of their worldly neighbors. Socialism works because Pierre buys the cheese from Jean-Claude, prepared by the milk obtained from Michel, packed in the containers made by Pierre and delivered by Jean-Claud’s son in a Renault powered by a diesel engine fueled by gasoil obtained from a Total refinery.


Unfortunately, Pete likes to drive a Camry, made by Ono-san. It was delivered to the port of Long Beach by a Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Ship operated by a Dutch captain and crewed by a bunch of Nigerians. That ship was built in Norway by Sven and financed by Joshua at JP Morgan. Pete’s Camry runs on Shell gas derived from a blend of North Sea and Arab light oil refined by Jack in Texas.


In the coming weeks you will hear many supporting and decrying protectionism. Don’t listen to either side. If we continue to buy from our neighbors the wealth we do have left will quickly pour out of our borders expediting our financial collapse. Then we can get on with what the powers that be really have in mind for us. I don’t think that gold will ever find itself in the position it was before Nixon took it out as money, in the short-term it will serve as a shock absorber and secure the wealth of many who hold it when the dollar collapses. After the initial shock, the powers that be will relegate it to the wings and regain control of a global fiat money because fiat can be more readily controlled.


I am a free market capitalist and a Christian. If faced with the prospects of choosing between wearing the handcuffs of socialism or facing death by lethal injection of financial collapse, I say let the fluid flow. The quicker this all goes down, the sooner my Lord Jesus comes. Maranatha!