Contrary to official government disinformation human misery, poverty, oppression, violence, famine, and disease are increasing on earth. This dystopian nightmare has been increasing steadily as witnessed by the events of recent history in our “free market economy” and more. Beyond global financial shock and awe, we have witnessed an increasing desire to manipulate that which GOD has deemed holy and good, life itself, through genetic engineering. We are witnesses to theft and murder by proxy (abortion) unrivaled in human history. Our children are subject to brainwashing in schools, learning not to think critically but to subjugate themselves before the authority of the state. Liberty seems lost.

The conflict we find ourselves immersed in has been ordained, foretold, and yes, won. But don’t take our LORD’s victory for granted. While Noah was spared the punishment of the flood, he and his family lived, surrounded each day by, the reality of GOD’s wrath towards man’s sinful nature. Noah and his family knew both the love and the wrath of GOD and I’m sure it very much humbled them. We know that seeing land and experiencing the greatest boat ride in history brought them to their knees before GOD ALMIGHTY. A far less comforting ride looms on the horizon.

The LORD reminds us that the times of the end would be characterized by events that would jolt the world like birth pangs of a late stage pregnancy warns of the imminency of childbirth. If you have not opened your eyes to the events of recent history and sought comfort in the safety of CHRIST as SAVIOR you are doomed to suffer human misery, poverty, oppression, violence, famine, and diseases beyond your wildest imagination. Think I’m being an alarmist: a man in Buffalo, NY just BEHEADED his wife here in the USA! Did you ever, in your wildest imagination, think you’d see the day that such would occur in this country? Still have your doubts? Keep reading…

Do you think your government has a plan? Do you think that plan is working? $9.5 trillion dollars has been injected into to try to revive a what, a vibrant economy?! No, the patient is dead! You cannot resurrect America as we knew it. She has been bought, mortgaged, raped, and plundered. If the plan was so urgently required, why did the great president wait until Tuesday to sign the theft package called Stimulis? Still have money in your 401K or pension plan? How much longer do you think it will last? Keep reading…

The LORD warned us to be prepared. He told us to watch and wait for HIS return. Two types of believers will be seen in the coming dystopia, some were prepared for the wrath of the ENEMY (wise virgins with lamps and oil) and others who were unprepared (foolish virgins with lamps and no extra oil). The foolish virgins had to go and buy oil from the sellers (do you think maybe they had to receive a mark to purchase that oil?), thus when they returned the bridegroom would not let them into the wedding feast. I think them being unprepared had something to do with it, don’t you? The odds are you will lose your job in the next 6 months. How will you feed yourself and your family? With global trade falling like a rock, how long do you think the store’s shelves will stay full? Maybe you are saying, I can’t afford to stock up. Folks, you can’t afford NOT to stock up.

We are at a place and time in human history where events are reeling at speeds previously unheard of. After the economic shocks expect wars, after wars expect famines and diseases, after these diseases…hell will literally be unleashed. What must you do?

First and foremost you must believe on the LORD JESUS CHRIST by confessing with your mouth and believing in your heart that HE arose from the dead and conquered our sin debt as a free gift for all who called upon HIM as LORD. Your guns, your foodstocks, your precious metals, are of no value without CHRIST! As a believer you should absolutely make sure your ark is fully stocked. Be prepared to live outside the beast’s system as chaos gives way to global control. Most importantly, take heart because the battle has already been won. You might lose your life, but don’t allow those who can take your life snatch your eternal soul.

May GOD bless you and mercifully watch over you through these times.