It is admirable, perhaps, to write for the entertainment of the public, but it is a far higher and nobler thing to write for their instruction, their gain, and their greater good.  The latter is the sole object of this blog entry.  If it prove the means of restoring to health one solitary sufferer among our body politic, of lighting up once anew the fire of truth and justice in a downtrodden citizen’s eye, or bringing back to a dead heart the quick, generous impulses of youthful days, I shall be amply rewarded for my labor; my soul shall be permeated with the sacred delight of a good deed accomplished.


Having not quite led a pure and blameless life, but being forgiven, I am justified in holding that no one who knows me will reject the suggestions I am about to make, out of  fear that I have ill motives.  Let the public do itself the honor, then, of reading this humbly offered suggestion for remedying the ills of our present government.


We are all well aware that this present government is wasting with a grave sickness.  However, like a deluded and senile patient, the government fights the very suggestion that it is even sick at all.  To try to remedy itself, it has mixed a decoction of bailouts, stimulus packages, and TALF’s then instructs us, the general public, to take a wine-glass full of it every fifteen minutes until we die of toxic debt and taxation overload.  I choose not to take a single dose; for fear it will rob me of all moral principle, and awake every unworthy impulse of my nature.


Under its malign influence, this present government has conceived miracles of meanness (NAIS, HR 875, and others) but likely has hands too feeble to even enforce them.  Insiders glad hand the global elite and light up cigars in back rooms and gloat about the trillions they have soaked from us, the general public, all the while wearing the tattered rags of an impoverished beggar.  The administration sends emissaries bearing flowery words and tin cups.  Like a drug-addict, they beg for more debt, more spending, as if the well of her citizen’s wealth would never run dry.  Like the undead, this government cannot see its own image in the mirror.  There is but one remedy and it is a cruel expedient, a hard splinter of reality in the chest.